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Know about different varieties of kabuli chickpeas

Kabuli chickpeas are white and very larger than desi kind of chickpeas. Kabuli chickpeas are generally sold intact, so seed dimension and look are significantly imperative. Preferably, Kabuli chickpeas must be over 8 mm in width.

best way to buy chickpeas

The Kabuli chickpeas have very skinny seed covers. They not hav…

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Remarkable advantages of using black garbanzo beans or chickpeas

Generally known as Kala chana in India, chickpeas are a portion of the vegetarian food in India. These are fundamentally legumes fitting into to the Fabaceae family. The plants are small in height and are typically cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas. The seeds are outstanding resources of …

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Different products made by chickpeas

Looking all over the market these days there is a novel player in city: chickpeas. It may be found like a main element in different latest products, as of pastas to chips, snacks, and lot more. They are accepted not only because of their unbelievable adaptability and appetizing taste, but because of…

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