Know about different varieties of kabuli chickpeas

Kabuli chickpeas are white and very larger than desi kind of chickpeas. Kabuli chickpeas are generally sold intact, so seed dimension and look are significantly imperative. Preferably, Kabuli chickpeas must be over 8 mm in width.

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The Kabuli chickpeas have very skinny seed covers. They not have the phenolic compounds available in Desi chickpeas, which assist in reducing fungal or mould assail in the soil. Thus, Kabulis are very vulnerable to a variety of seed decomposing fungi and must always be taken care with a fungicidal seed bandage prior planting. All Kabuli chickpeas types are very inclined to Phytophthora. Like a normal rule, Kabuli fabrication must be done only by knowledgeable chickpea cultivators.


This variety was freed in 1987 by NSW I&I. It produces mostly eight and nine mm diameter kernel in just about equal ratios.


This was unconfined by NSW I&I in 1997 and has big white kernels constantly in the 9 mm variety. This variety is safeguarded underneath the PBR. Kernel or seed is accessible via different retail shops.

Kimberley Large

The Kimberley Large was freed in 2004 by DAWA or Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Cultivation and aimed like a change for Macarena in the best gastronomic market for very big size Kabuli chickpeas.


This variety was freed in 1988 by the Victorian Section of Primary Organizations. Whereas yields have normally been somewhat reduced than for Garnet, some purchasers still choose this variety. Cultivators are suggested to arrange contracts prior planting.


This is a very big kernel variety matched to the best cooking market. This range was freed by DAWA in 1984, but is still extensively developed in irrigated cultivators. It is very frost-responsive and must be produced only in frost-free surroundings in Central and northern Queensland.

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